Always-On Pet ID Tag for Quick Returns

Turning lost into found faster with our cutting-edge AI tag that never
needs charging.

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Why Our Pet ID Tag is a Game-Changer for Your Dog!

Track with Precision

Find where your pet is when someone scans the tag.

Community Support

Automatic alerts to our community speed up your pet's recovery.

Hassle-free Scanning

No app required: our pet tag works with every smartphone.

Connect & Find Faster

Instantly print posters, search shelters, and alert social media.


No Battery

Enjoy uninterrupted pet safety without ever worrying about recharging.

No Radiation

Our tag ensures no harmful emissions, keeping your dog's environment safe.

No Subscription

Buy the tag once and enjoy its features forever.

Your Pet's Fast-Track Home!

Rapid Recovery

Quick-Print Posters

Lose no time! As soon as your pet goes missing, generate ready-to-print reward posters.

Instant Shelter Directory

Don't scroll through contacts – we provide a direct phone list to shelters and rescues near your pet's last known location.

Social Media Amplifier

A single click and you have a custom post ready to share, casting a wide net across your social networks.

Community Alerts

Activate the Pet
Samaritan Network

God forbid your pet gets lost, but if they do, Furry Tag's powerful community alert feature jumps into action.

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Location on Tag Scan

Pinpoint Precision Tracking

Feel the peace that Furry Tag brings! Should someone scan your pet's tag, you'll receive an immediate alert pinpointing their exact GPS location and address.

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No specific app required

Effortless Connectivity

Anyone who finds your pet can swiftly scan the Furry Tag using their phone's built-in QR code reader. A seamless connection to vital info ensures a prompt and joyful reunion.

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Furry Tag Modes

Three Modes Tailored for
Every Scenario

Safe Mode - Peace of Mind

When scanned, your info remains hidden. Messages come via our secure servers, ensuring unmatched privacy.

When Your Pet's By Your Side

Lost Mode - Quick Recovery

Activate for passive GPS scan alerts and immediate community notifications, fast-tracking your pet's safe return.

Immediate Connection for Lost Pets

Medical Mode - Seamless Vet Visits

When the vet scans the tag, they instantly access all the vital health details of your pet, making check-ups.

Health Insights in a Flash


Unlocks Your Dog's Health Passport at the Vet's!

One Scan, All Details

Let your vet scan the Furry Tag's QR code, and immediately they have your dog's entire health profile right at their fingertips.

Beyond Convenience

It's not just about quick access; it's about elevating the standard of pet care and ensuring your furry companion gets the best.

Safety First for Your Pet's Data

All health details are encrypted and stored securely in the cloud, ensuring privacy and integrity for your dog's health information.

Give your pet a voice

Embrace the Furry Tag AI Revolution!

Ask Anything

Pose any question, from "When did you last take your meds?" to "When's your next grooming session?" – and get immediate responses.

No Data Diving

Skip the manual checkups! The AI smartly interacts and provides answers without the need to sift through data.

Beyond Basic Queries

Dive deeper and understand your pet's routines, habits, and schedules effortlessly.

Step into the Next-Gen Pet Safety with Our Waterproof, NFC and QR-Enhanced Smart Tag.

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Embrace the Bond

Community of Devoted Pet Lovers

Peace of Mind

Safeguarded Adventures,
Tail to Trail

EMF-Free Safety

Our tag ensures no harmful emissions, keeping your dog's environment as natural as possible.

Passionate Pet Community

Dive into a supportive community of pet lovers, always there to help, share, and connect.

Health at Your Fingertips

Access and manage all your pet's health data directly from your phone for informed decisions anytime.

Swift Recovery Kit

In case your pet goes astray, our kit tools spring into action, maximizing chances for a swift and safe return.

The ultimate
Pet ID

Upgrade to the ultimate Pet ID, packed with
innovative features.

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