Furry Tag

AI-Powered Pet Tags

Introducing Furry Tag, the AI-powered digital pet tag designed with you and your pet in mind.

Our Mission

At Furry Tag our goal is simple, allowing pet parents to live their best life without worrying about their pets going missing and not finding their way home.

We have created the best solution for you when your animal companion goes missing. This easy to use, QR code cloud-connected pet tag will allow you to locate your animal companion faster than ever before.

The reasons why Furry Tag is the right solution


Veterinary Built Health Tools

Daily health diary to keep track of your pet’s health at your fingertip


Instant Notification

Be notified of your pet's status and location instantly, no matter where you are.


Everything in one place

Follow and save all your pet's activities and daily habits from your optimized dashboard.


Let’s talk to your pet

Chat Instanously with your pet thank to our AI-powered application.

Why we created Furry Tag

At Furry Tag, we see our furry ones as more than pets, they’re family. But what happens when a member of your family doesn’t make it back home?

Losing your pet is both painful and terrifying, you feel powerless as you wonder if your companion is safe or not.

At Furry Tag, we understand because it happened to us. That's why we created this QR code-connected technology - so that you and your pet can be safe.

Lost Pet Feature

"10 million cats and dogs get lost in the United States Every year "

- The American Humane Association


Cats and Dogs in


their lifetime



How It Works

01Step 01

Get your Furry Tag
& Create your pet profile

Link your profile to your tag and keep your contact information up-to-date.

02Step 02

Your pet missing

tay close to your phone and make sure your information are up to date for the finder to be able to reach you.

03Step 03

Your pet is found
& the QR tag is scanned

Anyone with a smartphone or access to the internet can get to your pet profile and get in touch with you.

04Step 04

Home sweet home

Thanks to the detailed information on your pet profile, the finder can contact you immediately and get your pet home right away.

More reasons to ❤️ Furry Tag

Lightweight & Waterproof

Instant share of essential pet health data

No batteries & No charging

EMF FREE, No radio frequency radiation, No bluetooth

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Why should I use the Furry Tag compared to other tags or the microchip implants?

A microchip implant can only be scanned by facilities that own the reading devices. Furry Tag is readable by anyone having access to the internet with a single click.

Does Furry Tag work in my country?

Furry tag works in any country and any language.

What’s the Instant Notification feature?

Get instant notifications when your pet is found.

Do I need a smartphone to use Furry Tag?

Not at all, Furry Tag is accessible across all devices and platforms with an internet connexion.