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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions

Is Furry Tag waterproof ?

Yes, Furry Tag is waterproof, so you don't have to worry about it getting damaged during rainy weather or if your pet goes for a swim.

Do I need to charge the Furry Tag ?

No. Furry Tag uses NFC and QR technologies, which operate without batteries. Therefore, it does not require any charging.

Is the Furry Tag app available on both IOS and Android ?


Is the Furry Tag safe for my pet to wear at all times ?

Absolutely. Furry Tag does not emit any harmful EMFs, so it’s completely safe to be worn all day, every day!

What is the complete list of information that i can track using the Furry Tag ?

Furry Tag allows you to save and track information related to daily habits (Energy level, Appetite, Water intake, Stool, Urine) and health (Sneezing, Vomiting, Itchiness, Coughing, Diet, Allergies, Vaccine, Medication, weight gain/loss, conditions). There will also be a breathing rate monitoring too.

Can i track multiple pets with Furry Tag ?

Our app allows you to add as many pets as you need to your dashboard. Each furry friend must have their own tag registered in the app.

Can multiple family members use the FurryTag App ?

Absolutely! Furry Tag allows multiple users to access and manage your pet's information. This means that family members or pet sitters can monitor and manage the pet's health, appointments, and overall well-being from their own devices.

Is my personal information secure with Furry Tag ?

Yes. Your information is encrypted and safe. Those scanning the tag are given a way to contact you without actually seeing your private information.

Does the Furry Tag have GPS ?

No, Furry Tag does not have GPS because GPS work with Bluetooth, and it emits radiation that is known to be bad for your pet. Instead, when someone scans your pet's tag, you'll receive GPS location details obtained from the person's phone.