4 Useful Information to Know About External Pet I.D. Tags

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According to a study done by ASPCA, 80% of pet owners claim is it important to have an external pet ID tag, but only 33% of pet owners say they always put an ID tag on their pets.

External Pet ID Tags are Different From City Licensed Pet Tags

Responsible pet owners are likely to have city licensed pet tags, these tags usually have long numbers to identify who the owner is if a pet was ever to get lost. These tags are great, but they do take time to reunite you with your lost pet. External Pet ID Tags are tags that contain the name and contact number of the owners. This is the first line of defense you have to bring your lost pet home and it usually takes just a couple of hours for a finder to call and reunite you with your lost pet.

What Not To Put On Your Pet Tags

Anybody can see your pet tag, so it is important not to put any private information on your pet’s ID tag. Information such as your home address and if your pet is microchipped, adding your pet’s microchip number would also be a bad idea. It makes it easier for someone to steal your pet by registering the microchip number under their name.

Different Types of Tags

There are different types of ID tags that you can have on your pet. The most common tag is a simple metal attached to a collar inscribed with your contact information. If you have a service dog that likes to wear vests, there are special tags you can buy specifically for dog vests.

Digital Pet Id Tags are also available on the market. You can keep track of all your pets through your smartphone. Simply enter all relevant information to your pet profile and update them in real-time. Say you’re leaving for the weekend, how convenient would it be to add your pet sitters number to your tag? Well, it is as easy as a few clicks! Want to keep it private? Just change your privacy settings.

The QR code also provides a link to your pet’s online profile when scanned with different information including your contact number, your vet, your pet’s medical, and behavioral info. All that technology into a beautifully designed pet tag.

Get Creative

Your pet’s ID tag can be anything, so long as you have your name and contact information. This could mean knitting your name and contact number on a bandana or ribbon and putting that on your pet instead.

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