Activate your Furry Tag

Activate your Furry Tag

Download the Furry Tag App*

Furry Tag is currently only available on iPhone

Download the Furry Tag App

Once you received your Furry Tag, follow these steps to get the app on your iPhone

Install Furry Tag

Open your App store and look for Furry Tag, otherwise follow the link below.

App Store Link

Go through the onboarding

Repeat as necessary for multi-pets household

Test our features

Check our amazing array of feature such as our AI-chat for a fun conversation with your pet. Make sure to update your health log everyday as necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do once I am setup?

Start using our app! Records any abnormal health activity, keep a tab of your pet's potty whereabouts, have a fun chat with your pet through our AI-Chat and more importantly, keep your pet safe with our superior retrieving tool.

What is the medical mode?

Our medical mode has been designed to facilitate communication between you and your veterinarian. Make sure to fill out every health box so your vet has the most information possible about your pet's health to get the most accurate diagnosis.

When are the other features coming out?

We are working on them! While the main components of the app are fully functional, we are still in the process of finalizing new tools to help you care for your pet better. You will be notified once the new features are functional.