Emergency Pet Plan: What To Do When Disaster Strikes

posted by Shotaro Nabeya   10/11/2020

Some of the deadliest natural disasters such as fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, and violent storms can all happen in a second. Make sure to be as prepared as you can with a few of our tips!

Emergencies can happen at any time and anywhere. Be sure that you and your family know what to do in an emergency situation.

Before an Emergency

Make sure your pet has an ID tag at all times. A Digital ID Tag can help keep track of all your pets with just your smartphone.

It is recommended to have your pet’s essential travel gear in an easily accessible location near your exit.

Essential times such as a first aid kit for pets, food, harness, leash, and a carrier.

Your pet’s survival kit can be a small backpack or even a trash bag.

In your kit, make sure to have food, water, and medication for each pet for at least 2 weeks, canned food is preferable as it is easier to pack.

A record of their medical history and your contact information. Several sturdy leashes and harnesses to ensure your pet is always near you.

For a more detailed list of items to have check out this article.

Making plans in advance will help you and your family members to respond effectively during a real emergency.

Take some time when you can to think of an evacuation plan for you and your pets depending on your location.

Know where you can take your pet because not all disaster shelters allow animals. Research animal shelters, hospitals, evacuation centers, and friends/family that live relatively far from the disaster area.

Make a plan with a trusted neighbor so that just in case you aren’t home, they can evacuate your pets instead.

During an Emergency

Contact local animal shelters or government service agencies to provide information on how to keep you and your pet safe.

If you plan to evacuate, bring your Pet survival kit as well as a kennel/carrier for your pet.

If you are sheltering, make sure to find a small area closed off where your frightened cats and dogs won’t be able to harm themselves.

Consider removing heavy furniture and blocking out the windows to remove visual stimulation from your pets.

After an Emergency

When you return home, make sure to check your house for any sharp objects, spilled chemicals, and exposed wiring before letting your pets back in.

Once you settle, try and re-establish a normal routine in your pet’s life as soon as possible. Pay close attention to your pet’s behavior, after natural disasters a lot of scents can change causing your pet to be confused and even irritated.

If your pet shows signs of stress and anxiety, give them comfort with pets and snuggles.

Allow your pet to re-familiarize itself with its surroundings and allow plenty of undisturbed rest from the traumatic event.

If your pet has been unable to eat for a long period of time, re-introduce food in small servings, after a while of not eating, your pet’s stomach would have shrunk, and eating a lot could harm your pet.

Lost Pet

In the unfortunate event that you get separated from your pet. There are proactive actions you can take to try and recover your lost pet.

Contact local pet shelters/animal control agencies as well as the local police department.

File a missing pet report and provide enough detail and information for rescuers to identify your beloved pet.

Walk around the neighborhood and go through places that you and your pet are familiar with. Most lost animals will return to a familiar scent.

Create flyers and posters to put around your local community to higher your chances of finding your lost pet.

In the digital age today, the internet can be very helpful in various ways. Provide your lost companion’s photo and contact information.

One last thing is not to give up, there have been many cases of pets being reunited with their owners after several months of going missing.

Disasters can be a very horrifying time. There is information available online about making a plan, building a survival kit, preparing for disasters in general. and educating the youth.

Be ready before it even hits.

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