The Best Tips On How To Keep Your Dog Young & Active

posted by Shotaro Nabeya   08/12/2020

Exercising will help your dog stay young and active longer. These are the best exercising methods for your canine pal.

People who regularly exercise are more likely to control their weight, avoid health problems, and boost their energy and mood. The same thing can be said for dogs. Regular exercise will help keep your dog’s joints flexible, muscles strong, and improve their overall quality of life. We’ve come up with a few tips that would hopefully help you out!

Daily Walks/Jog

Walking or jogging with your dog not only helps strengthen their heart and improve circulation of the bloodstream but it also helps stimulate their brain with all the different sights, smells, and sounds of the beautiful outside world. Keep an eye on your dog’s hydration levels and always bring plenty of water with you, we recommend using a crystal-infused travel bottle for on the go hydration and blissfulness. Older dogs have more difficulty regulating their body temperature so it is crucial to have plenty of water in hand.


Arguably one of the best ways to exercise. Swimming will help your dog move its entire body against the resistance of the water, making it the ideal all-around activity. Swimming keeps the heart rate up while building endurance, muscle strength, and cardiovascular fitness.

There are pools specifically for dogs, search it up online to find one in your local area. If you live by the coast, an afternoon at the dog beach will not only be so much fun but will also create forever memories for you and your pup! if your dog can’t swim or is afraid of water, there are underwater treadmill centers that can work as well!


Just like us, humans, a nice massage not only feels good but can also help dogs relax, increase oxygenation, relieve pain such as aches and sores, and most importantly improve joint flexibility. There are a lot of different methods to help with different parts of the body!


Every dog is a puppy at heart. Channel that inner youth with fun activities that will help strengthen the muscles and joints of your dog.

Playing fetch is always a great activity to get the body moving. For dogs with joint issues, it is recommended to roll the ball instead of throwing to make sure all 4 paws are on the ground.

Tug of war is another way to train the muscles in your dogs, just keep in mind to tug at the dog’s level to keep stress off their necks.

Obstacle courses, whether a makeshift, using your home furniture or an actual dog obstacle course. It’ll get your dog to move and use different parts of the muscles on the body to duck and weave through the course.

Exercising not only promotes a healthier lifestyle but it also brings happiness. The mind and body must stay active in order to thrive.

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