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posted byShotaro Nabeya18/12/2020

Indoor cats generally live up 3 times longer than the outdoor cat. The outside world can be very harsh for our precious cats.

Cats, unlike dogs, have no needs to step outdoors. Indoor cats generally live up to 15 years or more, while outdoor cats live much-shortened lives. Free-roaming outdoor cats are vulnerable to the cruelty of the outside world. Problems such as fleas, ticks, parasites, feline leukemia, getting hit by a car, poisonous food, animal attacks, cold weather, and even human cruelty are just some examples of hardship that outdoor cats have to endure.

My Cat is Used To Staying Outdoors. What Do I Do?

It is best to keep cats indoor from an early age, as cats that grow indoors show no inclination to leave the security of their home. But, while it may take time and effort, even the wildest most outdoor-loving cat can eventually be convinced of the luxurious comfort of living inside.

Many cat behaviorists suggest a slow and gradual approach to bringing your outdoor cat into the house. If your furry friend spends most of their time outside, consider bringing them in for longer visits in the house. You could even build a little enclosure that connects to the house window for limited outdoor access. This way your cat can enjoy themselves in the outdoor environment but still stay safe.

Believe it or not, cats can also be leash trained so that they may enjoy the outdoors on supervised walks. Keep in mind to use a harness that will fit your cat, and never to hook the leash on the cat’s collar.

As we all know, cats are the way they are, so they may resist wearing a harness at first. Don’t be discouraged, let your cat get accustomed to the harness first. Put it on for brief periods indoors, and try distracting her with a treat to get their attention off the harness. Once you feel that your feline friend is comfortable enough, take them on a short adventure outside and see how they do. Keep in mind to never leave your cats unsupervised outdoors.

If your cat is the persistent type and remains determined to get outside, it may be wiser to completely cut off outdoor privileges. Letting the cat out when they want will likely increase their pestering behavior.

How Do I Keep My Cat Happy Indoors?

Cats are natural predators and very curious animals.

1. Setting up bird feeders outside your windows for your cat’s viewing pleasure will bring a lot of mental stimulation for the cat.

2. Treat puzzles and toys are also great ways to enrich your feline’s life. Having rewards to work for and extract will bring hours of fun mental stimulation for your cats.

3. If you enjoy cooking, consider letting your cat sniff and smell some of the ingredients you use. Introducing new smells is another way to help stimulate your cat’s mind.

4. Just like us, humans, having a friend will help cheer us up. There are local shelters where you can adopt a new pal for your feline friend.

5. Catnip is also another effective way to help relax your feline companion.

6. Building your own backyard enclosure will enrich your cat’s life. Just be sure that your cat has no way to wandering off and no wild animals can get to your beloved kitty.

7. Taking your cat on supervised walks will also introduce your cat to new scents, sight, and noises.

8. Healing Crystals are also known to have positive effects on their mind, body and soul. Check out this article for more information about Crystal Healing.

It is essential that indoor cats have regular mental stimulation or they’ll get bored and want to escape to the outside world. The greatest tip of all is to simply love your cat and give them attention. Pet them, cuddle with them and play with them every day.

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