Why Microchip Implants For Pets Isn’t Enough

posted by Shotaro Nabeya   20/10/2020

Pet parents should never rely on microchips alone, a number of factors have to go right in order for it to work out.

Although microchip implants have reunited many pets with their worried owners, only 52% of microchipped pets make it back to their loving home.
In general, most pets wearing an ID Tag with updated contact information are returned home within a few hours.

There are many reasons why microchip implants can only go so far but this doesn’t mean getting a microchip implant is bad. It is a great last line of defense to reunite you and your lost pet. More information about microchipping your pet.

No Visual Indicator

A pet with a microchip implant does not clearly let others know that this furry animal belongs to someone.

Your beloved companion could easily be snatched away by someone with good intentions. If found by the local animal control, they could take your pet to a facility and cause a chain of massive headaches for you and your pet.

The Information On The Chip Takes A Long Process To Verify And Update

Every time you move or change your number, you have to update the information in the chip. During this process, you will have to have the chip number handy.

If you don’t, paying a visit to the local vet or animal shelter can help you get your pet’s chip number.

Once you have the chip number, use the AAHA database, and contact the specific provider of the chip. You will likely have to pay a fee to update the information.

Depending on the brand of the microchip, the update can take anywhere from 24 hours to 2 months.

Scanning Issues

There are many companies that make microchip implants for pets.
If your local vet or animal shelter does not have a universal scanner, the microchip may go undetected.

There is also the case that the microchip migrated causing difficulty to find the microchip.

Another factor could be that the person scanning for the microchip is not thorough and properly doing their job.

No Updates When Microchip Is Scanned

If your lost pet is recovered and sent to a facility to be scanned, it could take up to 3 months for you to be reunited with them.

There also isn’t an update for you to ease your mind knowing that your beloved pet is alive and safe.

Even if the person who finds your pet has the best intention in mind, there’s no guarantee that they have been educated about microchips.

They wouldn’t know to bring your pet to the animal shelter or vet to get scanned.

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