What to Do When You Find A Lost Dog?

posted by Shotaro Nabeya   27/10/2020

You might have come across a time in your life where you found a lost animal but didn’t know what to do and how to handle it.

In the event that you find a lost pet. Here are some tips on how to properly handle the situation.

Call the Local Authorities

If the animal is aggressive or runs away, call your local animal control or police department, and let them know of the situation.
Stray animals could carry diseases and it is advised to stay out of harm’s way.

Capture and Contain With Care

If you find a lost pet, you can capture and contain the animal with care.

Approach them slowly and use food as a way to earn their trust. Once the animal is calm, you can hook a leash on them or put them in a carrier.

From here you can try and look for any contact information or have the pet scanned for a microchip implant.

If you’re feeling proactive you can create flyers and posters saying that a lost pet has been found or share the information on social media and neighbors apps such as NextDoor.

The best option is to send the animal to the local pet shelter. Odds are that the local pet shelter is the first place owners will go to look for their lost pets.

Never Refuse to Bring A Lost Pet To the Animal Shelter

Most people tend to believe that animal shelters are evil and will euthanize lost animals. For the most part, these lost pets will be put up for adoption if not claimed by their owners after two weeks or so.

Many people who find lost pets end up adopting the animal themselves. Many owners also forget to update the pet’s microchip and end up leaving the country or moving to another residence.

The animal has a better chance of reuniting with their rightful owners if brought to the animal shelter. The most important thing to keep in mind is to understand that animals go through separation trauma as well.

Finding an animal a new home doesn’t necessarily mean they will be happy. There are websites online dedicated to finding the rightful owners of lost pets.

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